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  • Shayan Accounting Inc
    Saeid Jebraeili, President                        "SJTech Solutions has done an excellent job creating a full office solution for our firm: Shayan Accounting Inc. They helped on in creating a new website, internal user login system, email solutions and internal office network. What we found great was the excellent pricing, fine customer service and most important user friendly setup. I would recommend them to anyone looking for their own bit of space on the internet. For those wanting to run a business from scratch, choose SJTech Solutions to assist you."
  • STEM Fellowship
    Dr. Alexander Noukhovitch, Editor-in-Chief "SJTech Solutions Group took on the challenging work of creating a communication platform for the future intellectual talent. They has become the webmasters of newly created STEM Fellowship - non-profit student society. In their work, they critically innovate on the latest trends of social networking to apply them for the purposes of student motivated inquiry and team-based learning. The designed site would become also a place of interdisciplinary and cross-border interaction connecting high school students with their university counterparts."